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hi, I'm Rebecca

The past often acts itself out in the present and this can be super frustrating for established leaders—especially when it feels like you’ve already done the work to move past those struggles.

I know it has for me and so many of you, too.

We’ve read the books, gone to therapy, hired a coach, and went to the workshops.

We’ve committed to the deep work so that we can lead, thrive, and create well.

Sometimes, those struggles and challenges still impact the ability to navigate present challenges and growth edges… echoes of that pain linger within the body and nervous system.

But I know that you’re committed to life-long growth—and, of course, growth comes with some semblance of discomfort. When the nervous system is still carrying the burdens of previous pain, then resistance spikes to try and protect us.

It shows up as doubt, comparison, imposter experience, perfectionism, and so many more. And as much as I’d love to say it only takes thinking the resistance and other internal protectors away, it simply doesn’t work that way—instead, we have to feel through the emotions to build our resilience and support the desire to lead with more courage, conviction, and compassion.

Today on the podcast, I’m so pleased to welcome Morgan Harper Nichols. Morgan is an artist, poet, and author of All Along You Were Blooming and has collaborated with a wide range of brands including Anthropologie, Coach, Adobe, Aerie, and more.

Morgan is an unburdened leader who leans on her curiosity and her appreciation for the layers of what it means to be human. She deeply values the role of creativity to healing from the disappointments that come from living a brave life.

Listen to the full episode to hear:

  • How art and music was essential for Morgan’s healing journey
  • Why recurring struggles are not a sign of failure or weakness
  • How listening to others helped Morgan find her own language and her own healing

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meet the founder

I’m Rebecca Ching, LMFT.

I help change-making leaders get to the root of recurring struggles and get confidently back on track with your values, your vision, and your bottom line. 

I combine psychotherapeutic principles, future-forward coaching, and healthy business practices to meet the unique needs and challenges of highly-committed leaders in a high-stakes world.

This is unburdened leadership

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