Unburdened Leadership
1:1 Coaching

For in-demand leaders of all kinds to thrive in commitment to their values, meaningful work, relationships and social impact.

Your responsibility-level may not  be lowering anytime soon.

Still, you can lighten your load —and free up more space for what’s important.

You’re committed to being the best leader you can be. 

You care. You have high-standards. You take on a lot. 

On the outside no one can tell you’re weary…but you’re looking for a way to do more than just keep your head above water. 

You’re wondering how you can break with grind culture and still grow your impact, while staying true to your values, your relationships, your health, or the people and passions that matter to you.

I have a few ideas.

I’m Rebecca Ching, LMFT.

If the 3-steps to manifesting your dream or 10 hacks for 10-Xing your results didn’t work for you:

You’re not weak. You’re not uncommitted. And you’re not broken.

You’re in the vast majority of capable, talented, accomplished folks.

After working with hundreds of accomplished entrepreneurs and executives as both a clinical psychotherapist and a certified coach, I can confidently say:

Personal Development is more complex & nuanced than “change your thoughts, change your life.”

Here’s the thing:

Being told they should be able to POWER-OVER & POWER-THROUGH only adds to the burdens leaders carry. Here’s why:

1. Nobody is immune to difficult thoughts & emotions. 

Not even the most successful leader. Discomfort and struggle are part of doing big, meaningful work in the world. That you hurt, grieve and feel means you care. And your emotions offer valuable data that can help you grow.

2. Past burdens echo in new ways as we take bigger & bigger risks.

We all carry burdens: past hurts and betrayals that our systems want to avoid moving forward. What’s called resistance is usually an embodied part of ourselves trying to safeguard our belonging and survival.

3. Powering-over & powering-through keeps leaders circling burn-out.

When we override these real parts of ourselves, achievement comes at a cost. We may not realize the ways unprocessed experiences show up in how we set up our businesses, manage our money, and handle conflict — until we do the inner work.

Deep down, you know:

You can’t power-through to the place you really want to be.

Learning to power-with your humanity is key to staying true to your values, your vision, your bottom line, your relationships, and your health while you accomplish great things. 

I integrate 20+ years professional experience, training and study into an evidenced-based, collaborative approach to meet the unique needs of highly-committed leaders.

Instead, let’s power-with
the person you authentically are.

I call it Unburdened Leadership:

A methodology based in systems theory, internal family systems, adult development, shame resilience, and a culturally sensitive intersectional lens. 


All parts of you & your story
Your unique nervous system 
Your embodied emotions


Your values & vision
Your true human needs
Your commitments


Capacity for growth
Trauma-informed culture & skills
Non-draining work that matters

Unburdened Leadership

I believe this therapeutic & future-focused inner work sets you up to experience:

  • More confidence in your daily actions. Less worry over whether you did the right thing, said the wrong thing, or let someone down.

  • More freedom from the overwork, overcommitment and overconsumption expected of high-achieving leaders.

  • Increased capacity to power-with uncomfortable emotions so you can lead through conflict, sustain new behaviors and avoid burnout.
  • Greater impact on your team and business as you develop trauma-informed skills to create a healthier work culture. 
  • Less noise between the ears, because you’re no longer trying to exile parts of your Self and your story.

  • More satisfaction because you’re living by your values and allowing enough time, energy and money for what matters to you.

It’s the inner game that strategically prepares you for the end game: 

  • The impact you want to make. 
  • The connections you want to build. 
  • The change you want to contribute to.

If the things that worked in the past have you stuck on repeat: Let’s figure it out together.

Get started with a complimentary connection call.

1:1 Unburdened Leadership Coaching

Lighten your load. 
Clear the way forward. 

How it works

Book a complimentary connection call with me.

Find a time that works for you and answer a few questions to help us discern whether 1:1 Unburdened Leadership Coaching is a match for your needs


How it works

Make a commitment so you create real change.

Most folks need at least six months or a year to see through a lasting shift. We customize a plan for regular private sessions that works for both of us.


How it works

Problem-solve together when the unexpected happens.

Reach me in between sessions for asynchronous leadership coaching on Voxer. In a crisis, pressing decision or high-stakes situation, I’m here to help you discern what you can do differently, according to your values.



This work is not a quick-fix. 

Better still. It’s an invitation to cultivate a relationship with yourself that’s strong enough to handle the struggles and conflict life inevitably throws your way…

So you can stay true to your values in a high-stakes world.

And be well enough to lead with confidence, 
compassion and courage.

Unburdened Leaders are ending cycles of business burnout.

Being a healing presence to others starts with your own healing and personal growth.

I offer this work because I want you to do more than keep your head above water. 

I want you to thrive. To feel free to make bold decisions, do less of what drains you and do more of what you love. 

To never doubt that you’re worthy, your work matters, and you belong with your power.  

Prioritize this inner work, and become the leader capable of realizing your vision.

How is this different from therapy?

Though I am a licensed psychotherapist and I often draw on therapeutic principles, I am also a professionally certified coach and in this coaching together, I will not be diagnosing, pathologizing, or swimming in the deep end of work that would be best with a specialized psychotherapist. If you’re unsure whether that is what you need or not, I invite you to fill out my intake questionnaire for a connection call. We will either meet to talk more (no-strings attached), or if I feel you need a different kind of support, I’m happy to point you in the right direction.

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