It’s hard to be a human
leading fellow humans.

When you dare to show up and lead, 
doubt, failure, and vulnerability are a given — not signs of weakness.

Instead of powering-over and powering-through, let’s power-with the difficulty of the human experience…

So you can accomplish greatly without 
burning out, stressing out, or compromising your values.

There’s a different way to lead.  

It’s not you. Conventional approaches to leadership & productivity are a burn-out-formula for most high-performing folks. 

The future needs leadership to be MORE, not less, HUMAN.

I want you to be well enough to contribute your best work, make your impact, and enjoy being you — even when the demands on your time are great.

meet the founder

I’m Rebecca Ching, LMFT.

I help change-making leaders get to the root of recurring struggles and get confidently back on track with your values, your vision, and your bottom line. 

I combine psychotherapeutic principles, future-forward coaching, and healthy business practices to meet the unique needs and challenges of highly-committed leaders in a high-stakes world.

This is unburdened leadership

Why “UNBURDENED” Leadership?

All humans carry past and present burdens:

Times they’ve been hurt and betrayed.

Exposure to heart-wrenching news on repeat.
Systemic influences over what they believe about themselves and others.

A leader can do all the life-hacks in the world to mentally rise above and just keep going…

But the human nervous system doesn’t miss a beat. 

It gathers the emotional toll like the filter in a clothes-dryer. 

And over time, the things that used to help a successful leader perform and manage, don’t work anymore.

This is why: 

We can’t positive-think & white-knuckle our way out of the hot mess of the human experience.

We have to learn to feel our way forward. 

I believe in and choose:

Curiosity over Certainty

Dignity over Dehumanization

Discomfort as data over Demonizing emotions

Connection + Consent over Control + Power Over

Kindness over Nice

Permission instead of Power-Over

Systemic Perspective over Individualistic Lens

Resourced over Reactive 

Slow + Steady over Urgency + Efficiency

Enough over Exhaustion

Boundaries over Barriers

Leadership Values + Practices

Let’s back-up the future-focused strategy with the internal practices to build your capacity:

This work strengthens your inner bandwidth so you can show up for the change you envision. In your life. Your company. And your communities.

For navigating controversy and crises. Having hard conversations. Breaking comfortable patterns. Resolving threats to your bottom line. And being the one responsible for the roofs over peoples’ heads.

And clearing the way for a more innovative, inclusive future.

Unburdened Leaders are breaking
cycles of workplace burnout…

Are you about this, too? Let’s meet and see if I’m your coach – no expectations. Just connection.

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