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Summer Book Club

featuring Rising Strong by Brené Brown
Facilitated by Rebecca Ching, LMFT,
Certified Daring Way Facilitator + Consultant

A Virtual Book club that has all the perks of an in-person book club but the flexibility of technology so you can participate from wherever you are on the globe and listen when it works for you.

A Virtual Book Club Experience with books that move the heart, mind and soul.

Catch the replays of the Summer Book Club featuring Rising Strong by Brené Brown Facilitated by Rebecca Ching, LMFT, Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator + Consultant

The (re) Define Virtual Book club is an online experience to help you better integrate the things you learn as you read into your everyday life.

Have you ever read a book that impacted you in profound ways only to find the amazing new nuggets of information and learning get filed away in your brain with the hopes of revisiting some time in the future?

Yeah, us too.

That’s why we think this work is so important to do with guidance and support. 

This summer, we will be digging deep into Rising Strong by Brené Brown.

What makes this different?

Through discussion, reflection, and interviews with other thought leaders on their rumbles with failure and falls, we help provide the space to take action + integrate Brené’s research into your daily life.

We need more conversations on how to navigate fear of failure, overwhelm, getting clear on our internal influences + the stories we tell ourselves. Anxiety, fear of failure, forgiveness, grief – they all impact how we show up in life whether we acknowledge them or not.

Your business, your family, your community will be all the better if you dare to reckon and rumble with these topics.

Are you in?

The live webinars ran weekly during the summer of 2017 – but it’s not too late. You can watch the replays on Crowdcast and work along with each webinar using the reflections documents posted below. Here is how it works:

Being a part of this interactive book club community will allow you to hear from others who are having similar experiences and struggles. You will also be able to receive feedback and clarification on your questions around this material – receiving support, encouragement, and insight around your desires to lead well in your circles of influence at home, in your business and in your community.

I am your host, Rebecca Ching, LMFT and an early adopter of the research of Brené Brown and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator + Consultant.

I have been running groups and consultation with schools and organizations based on The Daring Way™ and Rising Strong™ research for several years now and it never gets dull. This work has changed how I do therapy, lead a team, parent, show up in my marriage, my faith journey and how I connect with my own internal system.

Questions? Email me.

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How is this different than Brené’s Living Brave Semester?
Great Question. First, if you did not participate in Brené’s The Living Brave Semester, please make sure you mark your calendar and do so next January. The opportunity to work directly with the founder of a theory is a treasure not to be missed. There are a couple of live calls with Brené and an interactive workbook and online community for you to go through that is powerful and insightful. Our book club will be a more intimate experience since this group will be smaller and you will be able to ask and have answered your questions live on a weekly basis.
What if I already attended Living Brave Semester?
First, awesome! I am wanting everyone I know passionate about this work to attend Living Brave Semester no matter what their exposure the Brené’s work has been. It truly is such an incredible opportunity. What I have found with all of Brené’s work is that it is richer and deeper every time you circle back and engage with it. Her work has an incredible way of meeting you where you are at in the moment, which is why I am offering different ways to engage with Brené’s research and writings.
What is the difference between the book club and the (re) Define Failure Intensive?
Another great question! The book club is a group discussion and high level psycho-education. No family of origin work or any therapeutic work happens in the book club but is totally appropriate for the weekend intensive. It is a wonderful compliment to do this book club and attend the (re) Define Failure Intensive for a deeper experience. Both the book club and the RDF intensive are set up to do as stand alone experiences, too.