(re) Define Failure: Rumble, Rise, Repeat

When: Summer Camp Intensive, January 4 – 7, 2018

Times: Thursday January 4th – 5pm to 8pm; Friday January 5th – 9am to 4/5pm; Saturday January 6th – 9am to 1/3pm
Loc: Potentia Family Therapy, Inc – 3160 Camino del Rio S #310
Cost: $800

Failure can be deeply painful and impact how we see ourselves and the world. In an effort to protect, you often end up living from stories that are not accurate or helpful. The shame of falls, fails and struggles can keep you from daring to risk, try, create, change or leap. This workshop will help you get clear on the stories you are telling yourself and learn how to respond differently when failure and disappointment inevitably happen. Based upon the research of Brené Brown and her Rising Strong methodology customized with Potentia’s experiential and neurobiological approach, you will walk away with an actionable plan to address and respond differently to the pain of past – and future – failures.

This intensive is also more than just learning about how to address failure. It is an experience; a place where you get pampered and get practice speaking your needs in a community (yes – community is a good thing!) of like-minded individuals seeking to stop living a life based on stories that fuel doubt and scarcity. With an attention to detail customized to meet your unique preferences, this workshop experience will foster a space of courage, curiosity and connection.

If you have PPO Insurance, please contact Rebecca to discuss reimbursement options. For MFT Students, hours can count towards group therapy based on workshop size.

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ReDefine Failure