About Rebecca


Hi, I’m Rebecca Ching.

IAbout Rebecca Chingt’s hard to be human.

I repeat this often as much for myself as for those around me.

This common humanity helps takes away the edge of feeling alone in a space of struggle, heartache, failure, frustration. There is beauty in being reminded that there is not one feeling or negative mindset belief that we singularly experience. While our circumstances are unique, rumbling with difficult emotions and thoughts is universal.

If we dare to show up and lead, create, take a stand, set a boundary, do something different, disrupt the status quo, build/expand a business, lead a movement, write a book, push through growth edges… then doubt, failure, fear, and vulnerability will be a given. Just to name a few.

However, being an imperfect, fallible human has not always felt like a strength or a unifying experience. Early on, I internalized the message that any sign of struggle was a reflection on my character, and therefore my safety and my value. Pursuing careers in politics and advertising taught me so much about power and how easy it was to be what others wanted me to be. Shoot, I learned that early on growing up in a volatile home and as child of divorce.

During my childhood in suburban Minneapolis, Minnesota and undergraduate university in Iowa, I chased all things that would give me a sense of more power, control and worthiness, but I still felt like something was missing. The hustle was exhausting, though exhilarating, while working in Washington, DC for a United States Senator, working in New York City for an issue advocacy advertising firm, and working in Europe for an international youth outreach organization.

Then, over a period of time studying and reflecting, along with a few life and death experiences (those stories are for a different time), things shifted. I know full well that after working alongside the world’s power brokers, no one is immune to shame, fear, scarcity mindset, or emotional and relational struggles. No one. I also learned that in order to make real change on this planet, what’s best for me is to support leaders and how they show up at home, at work, and in their communities.

I left the corporate world and the security of the known and went back to graduate school at 30. Everyone around me thought I was nuts, but they also knew whenever I put my mind to something, I made it happen. And I did. Grad school was a period of refinement, integration, healing, inspiration, and so much hope.

Starting Potentia – my brick and mortar integrative mental health practice based in San Diego – brought everything full circle. It helped me apply all that I had learned in my previous careers while running a business, leading a team, and refining my skills around helping people and organizations. It was during this time I fell in love, got married, and started a family. My brilliant husband – an AP History teacher and a retired ocean lifeguard – and my two children are my rock, my inspiration, and, to be honest, the source of my own feelings of overwhelm at times, too. 🙂 As a mother of a daughter on the autism spectrum, I have had to dig deep in my own personal practices of what I share with others. I teach this work because I believe in it and how it has helped me live an integrated life and embrace Integrated Leadership™.

In addition, I enjoy writing, teaching, and speaking (previously at amazing places like  Yellow Co., Courage Camp – a conference for leaders trained in Brené Brown’s methodologies), have been a featured webinar guest with business thought leaders like Jason Van Orden and Gemma Went, and was a regular contributing mental health writer for Darling Media. I am a regular guest on podcasts for creatives, entrepreneurs, and those in the personal development fields. Check some of them out here, here, and here.

Through my practice as a Certified Internal Family Systems Therapist and Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator (Brené Brown, PhD’s training company), a systems theory thinker, and trauma-informed psychotherapist, I now support the leaders who are making an impact in all spheres. They desire to stop the cycle of burnout, overwhelm, scarcity mindset, and imposter experience which seem to level them every time change, growth, struggle, or failure shows up.

It is my joy and life’s work to help leaders like you shift your mindset about these experiences and find sustainable practices to navigate the inevitable curve balls of leadership and life. Daring to do the work means you’re bound to leave your mark and the world for the better. I would be honored to support you. Let’s talk soon.

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