Helping you navigate the curveballs of leadership

Stop letting burnout, overwhelm, and stagnation steal the spotlight.

Welcome to Integrated Leadership

You don’t need to sacrifice health, relationships, and joy while pursuing dreams and deep impact.

Integrated leadership does not sacrifice health, relationships, and joy while pursuing dreams and deep impact. You want to lead with endurance not burnout, integrity over compromise, and innovation instead of stagnation. You are ready to redefine what it means to be enough, do enough, and have enough.

Life throws us curveballs that challenge our confidence, clarity, and courage. Integrated leadership offers a sustainable way to navigate the unique complexities of being a leader, whether at home, at work, or in your community.

Upcoming Events:

(re) Define Summer Camps

(re) Define Perfection: Choosing Flexibility Over Rigidity


This group is for anyone who struggles with “not ____ enough,” the rigidity of all or nothing thinking, and is plagued by the anxiety of comparison + worrying what other people think. Led by Rebecca Ching, LMFT, participants are in for a unique + fiercely respectful group experience where participants will discover they are not alone in their struggle to feel worthy of love + belonging.

(re) Define Courage: Dare to Show Up + Be Seen Redux


Join our signature workshop, catered to meet the needs of your busy schedule along with your soul’s desire to live a life of meaning and purpose at work, at home, + in your community. The core principals and content of our cornerstone (re) Define Courage Intensive Workshop is presented into a one-day experience where participants take away actionable information so they can launch a life-long shame resilience practice. Led by Rebecca Ching, LMFT and based upon The Daring Way™ and the research of Brené Brown, this workshop help you show up in all areas of your life – even when you are afraid of being rejected or misunderstood – so you can live a story of meaning + purpose.

(re) Define Failure: Rumble, Rise, Repeat

January 4 – 7, 2018

Failure can be deeply painful and impact how we see ourselves and the world. In an effort to protect, you often end up living from stories that are not accurate or helpful. The shame of falls, fails and struggles can keep you from daring to risk, try, create, change or leap. This workshop will help you get clear on the stories you are telling yourself and learn how to respond differently when failure and disappointment inevitably happen. Based upon the research of Brené Brown and her Rising Strong methodology customized with Potentia’s experiential and neurobiological approach, you will walk away with an actionable plan to address and respond differently to the pain of past – and future – failures.

June – August, 2017

All the perks of an in-person book club with the flexibility of technology so you can participate from wherever you are on the globe, and listen when it works for you. Experience a deeper understanding of the Rising Strong Process with a community of people across the globe. Connect via your computer or phone for weekly discussion sessions and have your questions answer each week by Rebecca Ching, LMFT – who is also a Certified Daring Way™ Facilitator + Consultant. You get to dig as deep as you would like, or just observe and listen – whatever suits you best. However you participate, you will benefit from being a part of this book club community, hearing from others who are having the same experiences as you!