Helping you navigate the    curveballs of leadership

Stop letting burnout, overwhelm, and stagnation steal the spotlight.

You don’t need to sacrifice health, relationships, and joy while pursuing big dreams and deep impact

Welcome to Integrated Leadership

You want to lead with endurance not burnout, integrity over compromise, and innovation instead of stagnation. You are ready to redefine what it means to be enough, do enough, and have enough. Life throws us curveballs that challenge our confidence, clarity, and courage. Integrated leadership offers a sustainable way to navigate the unique complexities of being a leader, whether at home, at work, or in your community.

We help you:

  • Build resilience; navigate challenges with more ease (instead of getting flattened!)
  • Improve your instincts; make better decisions, and learn to trust your gut
  • Deepen your impact; lead with more alignment to your core values
  • Show up with confidence; overcome the nagging doubts that keep you playing small
  • Integrate new skills; improve your boundaries, adapt to change, and lead with integrity

Ways to work together:

Clarity Consultations

For when you want clarity, relief, and action steps around a specific problem you are rumbling with right now or want to begin/deepen your Internal Family Systems, Rising Strong, and Daring Greatly practices.

90 Mins

Integrated Leadership Collective

Leadership is hard. So is growth. Don’t go through it alone. Based on the research and methodologies of Brené Brown, PhD, the Integrated Leadership Collective offers you customized workshop experiences and specialized individualized support so you can navigate inevitable growth, risk, and the curve balls of life without burnout or compromising your core values.

The Integrated Leadership Experience

In this live online or in-person workshop experience you will develop a foundational practice that will help you with specific and sustaining strategies in working with your internal critics, imposter experience, fear and overwhelm, blocks, perfectionism, judgement, scarcity mindset, and more.